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National Almond Buttercrunch Day

Buttercrunch, which was created in America, is often called English toffee. But this is a misnomer. Real English toffee is not covered with nuts, as buttercrunch often is, and buttercrunch usually is made with white sugar, while English toffee is usually made with the brown variety. Almond buttercrunch, the focus of today's holiday, is made with butter, sugar, salt, and almonds. The butter and sugar are melted together and then poured over the almonds. Buttercrunch made with almonds or other nuts may be coated or dipped in chocolate, or have chocolate chips in it.

In 1923, a candy company called Brown & Haley came up with an almond buttercrunch recipe. They sold their buttercrunch under the name Almond Roca. Why? Because most almonds were imported from Spain at the time, the Spanish word for rock is "roca," and almonds have a rock-like texture. One of the company's co-founders, J.C. Haley, decided to package buttercrunch in tins. His line of thought was that if tins could keep coffee fresh, they could keep buttercrunch fresh as well. This became particularly useful during World War II when many tins were sent overseas to soldiers. The war helped to increase the popularity of buttercrunch. It retains some popularity today, enough so that it gets its own holiday!

How to Observe National Almond Buttercrunch Day

Make yourself some almond buttercrunch to enjoy! If you don't feel like baking, pick up some Almond Roca!

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