Below are a few of our most commonly asked questions. Don't see your question? Ask us here.

How do I start my own holiday?

Although a few of our "competitors" charge a bunch of money to declare a holiday, we believe that holidays should be free and open to all. Nobody has the sole authority to declare holidays, but many legislatures do give public proclamations. Below are a few tips to create your own holiday, for free.
  • Make sure your desired holiday does not exist yet. You can start your search here.
  • Pick an appropriate name that will allow people to know exactly what you mean. Keep in mind that people will probably use it #AsAHashtag.
  • Use a name that allows many people to participate. For instance, if you want to create a holiday for your cat Boots, look into creating "National Cat Day" instead of "National Boots Day". (Note that a National Cat Day already exists.)
  • Create a Facebook page or website where you declare the holiday publicly. Include when it is observed and as much information as you can provide. People like to know the reason behind holidays and how to observe them.
  • When picking a date, consider using relevant anniversaries. For instance, Drive-in Movie Day is observed on the anniversary of the opening of the first patented drive-in movie theater. Observations don't always have to be on the same date each year; you can also use patterns such as "the first Sunday of July" or "two days after Easter".
  • Get as many people as you can to spread the word about your new holiday.
  • Reach out to government officials at all levels, asking them to make a public proclamation. Ask everyone from your city council to the President!
  • Consider registering for a Trademark.
Once all of those things are in place, please contact us about adding it to our site.

Why isn't there a ____ day?

Most likely because nobody had the idea to start one yet! If you're ambitious, see our section on starting your own holiday.

If a holiday is listed as "National," where is it celebrated?

Our website is primarily meant to target the United States. As a result, most "National" days are primarily celebrated here. There are a few events that have another country included in parenthesis after their name. Finally, many holidays and events are unofficial and can be celebrated wherever you please! Even those that are officially declared in a specific country or region can often be celebrated wherever you'd like!