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World Architecture Day

World Architecture Day celebrates architecture and the commitment of architects to the world's societies, ecosystems, and cities. Created by the International Union of Architects (UIA), a "global federation of national associations of architects," it was first held in 1985 and originally took place on the first Monday in July. At the International Union of Architects Congress in Barcelona, Spain, in 1996, it was moved to the first Monday of October, to coincide with World Habitat Day. Some countries observe the day on other dates during the year. Each year the UIA comes up with a different theme that participants can tailor their events to. Common events include forums, symposia, panel discussions, conferences, and exhibitions.

Architecture consists of using engineering and art to design buildings and other structures. Houses, churches, hotels, office buildings, stadiums, roads, bridges, and tunnels are some of the structures it is used for. Various architecture styles can be found around the world. Ancient civilizations used architecture: Egyptians built large temples and the Great Pyramids of Giza, and the Greeks and Romans used laws and symmetry to create what became known as Classical architecture.

During the Middle Ages, Western Europe was first dominated by Romanesque architecture, and then by Gothic architecture. Gothic architecture uses arches and tall, pointed windows, and was common in churches and castles. Arches and buttresses allowed for these to be some of the largest buildings of their time. Towards the end of the nineteenth century, steel became cheaper, and metal girders and reinforced concrete started being used in construction. Buildings could be made even taller, and skyscrapers were born!

How to Observe World Architecture Day

Some ways you could mark the day include:

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