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I Need a Patch for That Day

Thomas and Ruth Roy of Wellcat Holidays created today's holiday, explaining it by saying, "They have patches for nicotine and they have patches for heart patients. How about a patch for runny noses or bad hair?" This interpretation of the day seems quite silly, but since the Roys created the day, their ambiguous meaning behind it is the foremost way to observe it. Celebrated this way, it is a day for thinking of all the ailments you have and things you'd like to improve about yourself, which currently don't have patches as a way to fix them. What if there was a patch for bad breath? Or how about one to give you 20/20 vision so you could get rid of your contacts or glasses? What if a patch made you sing better? Or made you not want to eat junk food?

There are many kinds of patches besides the type that the Roys mention. There are patches used to mend torn fabric and embroidered patches that are sewn onto clothing, such as in the military or in Scouts. There are patches to put over eyes, and small areas of ground, such as garden patches. A type of change to a computer program to make it work better is also called a patch. All of these patches may be used today.

How to Observe I Need a Patch for That Day

There are many ways that you could involve patches in the day:

  • Think of all the ailments or shortcomings you have, and what it would be like if you could use a patch to fix them.
  • Patch up any clothing that you have that has holes.
  • Sew or iron on an embroidered patch, or buy some custom embroidered patches.
  • If you already have clothing with patches on it, make sure to wear it today.
  • Make a patchwork quilt.
  • Patch a tire.
  • If you have children, sign them up to become Junior Rangers and they will be able to earn a patch for activities they complete.
  • Patch a computer program.
  • Plan things out to plant in a garden patch.

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