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Hospital Admitting Clerks Day

Hospital Admitting Clerks Day, which has been celebrated at least since 2003, recognizes the contributions of hospital admitting clerks, without whom hospitals would not function. They are the first people a patient sees when they arrive at the hospital. After greeting patients, they process them: they ask them questions and make sure they fill out the paperwork that is needed for them to be admitted. They may need to transfer paperwork to computers and update patient files. Once this part of their work is completed, a patient will be able to receive treatment. Some other duties hospital admitting clerks may be tasked with include answering phone calls, collecting co-payments, and explaining financial expectations to patients.

At the minimum, high school education is needed to become a hospital admitting clerk. A postsecondary certificate is usually optional, but some hospitals require knowledge of medical terminology and receptionist skills, which a certificate program in medical information technology can provide. Some schools offer certificate programs specific to the work of hospital admissions clerks. Beyond any formal education, it is fundamental that hospital admitting clerks have skills related to customer service, computer literacy, and organization.

How to Observe Hospital Admitting Clerks Day

If you know any hospital admitting clerks, thank them for the work they do to help hospitals function smoothly. Perhaps you could also give them a small gift. If you stop at a hospital today, thank the admitting clerks there as well. Another way to spend the day could be to look more into how to become a hospital admitting clerk and to pursue a new career.

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