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School Principals' Day

School Principals' Day is "a day of recognition for all elementary, middle and high school principals for their leadership and dedication to providing the best education possible for their students." Principals are the administrative head of a school. They must fill many roles, such as a leader, counselor, and teacher. They allocate financial resources, set and implement academic goals, work with school district and state education officials, communicate with parents, deal with discipline issues, and work long weeks. Accordingly, principals must be versatile and must have strong communication, interpersonal, leadership, and decision-making skills, and have the ability to motivate others. An effective school principal will have a positive influence on staff, students, and even the community.

How to Observe School Principals' Day

Celebrate the day by thanking a school principal for all the hard work they do! If you have a child or grandchild in school, you could buy a gift for them give to their principal, or you could stop at the school and personally thank the principal for their dedication to students. If you don't know any children that are in school, you could still post on social media about the day, and let anyone you know who has children in school about the holiday. You could also learn more about principals by reading The Principal's Office: A Social History of the American School Principal. If you are a student, you could make something for your principal, give them a gift, or offer to help them out with errands.

If you are a principal, today is for you! Make sure to hint to everyone at school about the holiday. If you have aspirations to become a school principal, it's the perfect day to look into more of what such a job would entail and how you can reach your goal. Most high school principals—especially at the high school level—have a Masters Degree or PhD in education or educational administration. Many have prior teaching experience or experience working in education administration at lower levels.

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