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National Hermit Day

National Hermit Day celebrates hermits and the lives of seclusion they lead. It is not known why National Hermit Day falls on this date, but it may be because it is the anniversary of the death of Saint Colman mac Duagh. Duagh lived a life of seclusion where he prayed and fasted, first on Inishmore, an Irish island, and then in a cave in Burren, in County Clare, Ireland. Hermits can live in seclusion for many reasons, but they most often to so for religious purposes. These hermits often practice asceticism and follow a prayer-focused life. The term is today often used for anyone that lives apart from others or doesn't attend many social gatherings.

How to Observe National Hermit Day

Celebrate the day by spending the day by yourself, or with just your cat, as it is World Cat Day too. Turn off your phone and enjoy some quiet time alone. Take a walk in the woods. Draw, paint, read, or write at home. You could also spend the day learning about some famous hermits, or other famous people who have shied away from the public.


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