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Blasé Day

Are you bored with life and unimpressed with the world around you? If so, Blasé Day is for you. According to its creators, it is the "perfect day for the world-weary to revel in their apathy." Did you hear that? Even if you don't care about anything and have been feeling no pleasure in your life, you can now take pleasure in that.

"Blasé," a French word, is the past participle of blaser, a word that dates to the seventeenth century which means "to satiate." That word may come from the Dutch word blazen, which means "to blow," which may have the meaning, "puffed up under the effects of drinking."

How to Observe Blasé Day

Take solace today in knowing that it is fine if you are feeling blasé. Better yet, don't just take solace in it, revel in your blasé feeling. It's not so bad, is it? Let others know that you are bored with everything, but that you love it. Why are they always trying to do exciting things? You mope around doing nothing and you love it!

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