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Quiet Day

Quiet Day is a day to lower the noise level for a healthier and more relaxed life. There are many negative ways that noise impacts people. Low-level chronic noise increases aggression and decreases cooperation, and leads to an increased risk of ulcers, high blood pressure, stroke, and cardiovascular disease. Even a ringing cell phone can increase blood pressure. Noisy environments can impact short-term memory, and make it harder to concentrate. If gadgets such as phones and televisions are constantly on, it is harder to reflect on and process prior experiences to make them more meaningful. When removing surrounding environmental noise, one is able to quiet the mind and lower stress, blood pressure, and their heart rate. Their immune system may function better, and their mind can better focus and be more creative.

How to Observe Quiet Day

There are multiple ways that Quiet Day can be celebrated:

  • Take or plan to take a Quiet Day retreat—these are one-day retreats where you are left alone to read, walk, and reflect.
  • Breathe deeply—become conscious of your own breath while inhaling and exhaling for five minutes.
  • Meditate.
  • Use your work's "quiet room" if they have one.
  • Take a walk in nature early in the morning or in the calm of the evening before going to bed.
  • Try driving your vehicle without having the radio on during your commute.
  • Make rules for times when you won't look at your phone at all.
  • Turn off alerts on your devices so you aren't constantly distracted by them.
  • Get some noise-canceling headphones.
  • Watch A Quiet Place.

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