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Get Ready Day


  • the third Tuesday in September (since 2006)


Founded by


  • Awareness & Advocacy

  • Health & Wellness



Taking place on the third Tuesday in September, Get Ready Day was created by the American Public Health Association as a day to help communities, campuses, and workplaces be prepared for emergencies and disasters. The day coincides with National Preparedness Month and is marked with events and the distribution of information to assist in preparation for the likes of hurricanes, floods, and pandemics.

How to Observe Get Ready Day

Observe the day by helping your community, campus, and workplace to be prepared for emergencies and disasters. This could be done by holding an event or spreading awareness in other ways.

The APHA has suggested the following ways to mark the day:

  • Hold an after-school community preparedness fair for students, parents, and families.
  • Sponsor a preparedness talk at a senior center, or hold a town hall meeting about preparedness.
  • Set up a booth on campus to distribute materials, or pass materials out at your health department or workplace.
  • Insert preparedness planning materials into your religious organization's bulletin, or post information on a bulletin board.
  • Work with local grocery stores to promote preparedness and stockpiling to shoppers through the use of fliers or displays.
  • Put a link to the Get Ready Day page and one of the day's logos on your website or blog.
  • Post a message about the day on social media and encourage others to take part and spread the word.

Additional ideas and planning tools can be found in the APHA Get Ready Event Guide.

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