World Compliment Day


On World Compliment Day, people show extra appreciation to those they come into contact with, by paying them with sincere personal compliments. According to the creators of the day, each participant is to give compliments to at least three people. The holiday contrasts with some other major holidays in that it is not commercially oriented, but emotionally oriented. Thus, everyone can afford to participate, and everyone comes out ahead. It is a day about the human need for recognition and appreciation that we all have. There was first a "National Compliment Day" that was held in the Netherlands, but the creators of the day decided it should go worldwide, and had the goal of making it "The Most Positive Day in the World." So, they started World Compliment Day in 2011.

World Compliment Day is observed next on Sunday, March 1st, 2020. It has been observed annually on March 1st since 2011.

How to Observe

Celebrate the day by giving sincere compliments to at least three people. Think about the things that the people you know do well, and let them know about it! You could also help promote the day by registering to become a "World Compliment Day Ambassador," and you could follow and post about the day on Facebook and Twitter.

Occurrence Patterns

ObservedFirst YearLast Year
annually on March 1st2011-




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