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International Aura Awareness Day

Those behind International Aura Awareness Day believe that all living things are surrounded by a human energy field—or "energy body"—called an aura. They believe that auras change depending on mood and health, and that healthy people have healthy auras that are bright and colorful. If someone has a psychological or physical problem, they believe their aura may be dark or damaged. The creators of the day made it to increase awareness of auras because they think awareness will prevent people from getting sick and suffering in other ways. Therefore, the holiday is a day each year to examine your own aura in order to improve your health, thus improving global health. They also believe the auras of others and global health can be improved through long distance healing, a form of prayer.

"Aura" means wind, breeze, or breath in Latin and Ancient Greek. The term was used in Middle English to mean gentle breeze. The belief in auras as colorful glows that cover all living things, can be seen, and that affect health is a New Age belief. These beliefs have been tested and there is no scientific evidence to back them up, making them pseudoscience.

Beliefs in auras as a spiritual force emanating from the body came about at the end of the nineteenth century. The first major proponent was Charles Webster Leadbeater, and his 1910 book The Inner Life was hugely influential. Still, the belief in auras remained underground until the 1980s, when it was embraced by the New Age Movement.

How to Observe International Aura Awareness Day

The creators of the day say it is for "acknowledging that special inner light we each have," and suggest doing some of the following things:

  • Talk about and read about auras. Some relevant books include The Inner Life by Charles Webster Leadbeater and Nuclear Evolution: The Rainbow Body by Christopher Hills.
  • Practice visualizing, meditating about, and feeling auras, in order to energize yourself.
  • Use the day to educate others about auras in order to help improve global health.
  • Join the planning committee for the day. You can join up by sending a blank email to By doing so, you will also receive announcements about the day.
  • Organize a local event of any size. Have an aura sketching party. Act out different emotions and have someone measure your aura.
  • Investigate the auras of those in your community. What colors show up in people you know?
  • Bring aura viewing exercises to hospitals and hospices. Draw auras of patients, and show them how to view their own auras and draw the auras of those around them.

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