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National Weigh-In Day

Losing weight is oftentimes a goal as a new year begins, with many viewing it as an ideal time for starting a new weight-loss plan. The breakfast cereal brand Special K created National Weigh-In Day with the objective of changing the way women thought and talked about weight loss. Special K doesn't want women to think about numbers when stepping on a scale, but instead, wants them to imagine what they will gain emotionally from losing weight. It wants them to focus on the progress they will make in the coming year and the accomplishments they foresee attaining.

Personalized meal plans, tracking tools, and support from others all assist those working to lose weight to achieve their goals. With the launch of National Weigh-In Day in 2012, Special K's website was equipped with weight tracking tools, a location to design a weight-loss plan, and a spot where an online weight loss community could gather. It doesn't appear that the website still includes these things, and the official role Special K had with the day appears to have receded. Nonetheless, National Weigh-In Day continues on, with those observing it setting weight loss goals and working to achieve them.

How to Observe National Weigh-In Day

Mark the day by weighing in. But instead of focusing solely on what weight the scale displays, focus on what your weight loss goals for the year are and how you will attain them. Using weight loss tracking tools, a weight-loss plan, and a support community can help you stay on course. Sharing your goals on social media and on your blog, if you have one, can also help. Although National Weigh-In Day was originally geared towards women, there's no reason why everyone can't participate.

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