International Day of Awesomeness


Today we celebrate everything that is awesome: those things that give us a sense of awe, a feeling of reverence or fear, or are very impressive. It is also a day to do feats of awesomeness: things that are awesome that take a lot of courage, skill, or strength. Many times feats of awesomeness go unrecognized, but not today. Today is also designed to be a day of fun—a day to not be taken too seriously. One of the days' taglines is "Because everyone needs an excuse to be awesome."

Kevin Lawver was at work on August 6, 2007, when an intern named Freddie Maneiro suggested a celebration should be made of Kevin's awesomeness. Kevin responded by saying there should be a day of awesomeness, and then he tweeted about it. He created the day to take place on Chuck Norris's birthday each year. This wasn't necessarily done because Chuck Norris is awesome, but because of the myth of awesomeness that surrounds him. The day also was inspired by the show with zefrank, where Ze Frank and his audience often did feats of awesomeness.

International Day of Awesomeness is observed next on Tuesday, March 10th, 2020. It has been observed annually on March 10th since 2008.

How to Observe

Celebrate the day by being awesome, performing feats of awesomeness, and by celebrating all things awesome. Get your friends together and think of some awesome things to do. Really get creative. Maybe you could climb a mountain, learn how to juggle, or skydive. Maybe you could spend the day volunteering at a soup kitchen or cleaning up garbage in your neighborhood. Perhaps you could set yourself on a path to learn a new sport, instrument, or language. You could watch the show with ze frank or anything with Chuck Norris in it to get some inspiration. You could also write about someone who you think is awesome and share it with others.

Occurrence Patterns

ObservedFirst YearLast Year
annually on March 10th2008-




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