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International Panic Day

The word panic is derived from the ancient Greek word Pan. Pan was the Greek god of shepherds, woods, and pastures, and when he would awake from a nap he would let out a yell that caused flocks to stampede. Greek authors coined the word "panikon" from this, which meant "sudden fear". Panic is "a sudden sensation of fear, which is so strong as to dominate or prevent reason or logical thinking, replacing it with an animalistic fight-or-flight reaction." Panic can happen in an individual or it can happen in large groups. It is not healthy for people to be in a constant panic, as stress levels are raised which can be detrimental to health. This day is dedicated to this sensation of panicking.

How to Observe International Panic Day

There are two ways to celebrate International Panic Day. On one hand you could use the day to panic about every little thing. But, most people believe the day should be used to do the exact opposite, and be used to focus on relaxing instead. As it is also International Picnic Day, you could ease the chances of coming down with a panic attack by having a nice relaxing picnic. It could be a day to focus on managing your overall anxiety and stress levels. Some ideas to relieve stress are to exercise, which can have added benefit if it is done in nature; enjoy the soothing scents of candles, incense, or essential oils; take a bubble bath or sit in a hot tub; get involved in a new creative activity which will take your mind off your stress; or tackle something head on that may have been causing you stress, while remembering that you can make progress.

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