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Customer Service Day

In order for a business to succeed, quality customer service is crucial. On Customer Service Day, businesses reflect on the importance of customer service, find out the desires of customers and thank them for their patronage, and show appreciation to their employees who work in customer service.

Sometimes known as Get to Know Your Customers Day, one of the principal components of Customer Service Day is finding out what customers want so it can be provided to them. Businesses give customers the ability to provide feedback, which in itself is a proactive form of customer service. They may employ paper surveys or online questionnaires so they can hear from customers about their experiences, and then act on the information they learn. For more in-depth feedback than surveys, they may organize focus groups, where customers are bought in to discuss the business and its products or services. Special promotions may also be given to loyal customers on the day.

Businesses may use social media, such as Twitter and Facebook, to learn what is being said about their business and other businesses, and to better their business's reputation, increase satisfaction, and build loyalty. Information as to how to better be in tune with the wishes of customers may also be gleaned from online review websites such as Yelp, Citysearch, and Urbanspoon. Ultimately, Customer Service Day is about providing better customer service, showing appreciation to customers, and showing gratitude to the employees who provide them service.

How to Observe Customer Service Day

As a business, reflect on the importance of customer service, find out the desires of your customers and thank them for their patronage, and show appreciation to your employees who work in customer service. Produce and organize surveys, questionnaires, and focus groups to learn more about the needs of your customers, and utilize the information you find on social media and online review websites in order to be more attentive to your customers.

As someone who works in customer service, use the day to provide the best customer service possible. Carefully listen to the wants of your customers and be adaptable to their needs. As a customer, participate in surveys, questionnaires, and focus groups when given the opportunity, and leave feedback related to positive and negative customer service experiences on online review websites and social media.

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