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International Beer and Pizza Day

International Beer and Pizza Day celebrates the food combination of beer and pizza. Both of these foods are enjoyed all around the world, and there are many varieties of each. Beer is made at small craft breweries and big corporate ones. It is drunk at bars, at get-togethers, at breweries, and at sporting events. Pizza is made at small family pizzerias and big national chains and can be purchased frozen in grocery stores. It is enjoyed at parties, by the slice while on the go, and as a simple meal at home.

Although foods have long been paired, the combination of pizza and beer is a relatively new concept. They go well together because their flavors enhance and contrast with each other. Certain beers pair better with certain pizzas, and the explosion of craft beer has helped with pairings. Lighter and crisper beers, like pilsners and pale ales, go with lighter pizzas, such as those topped with fresh veggies or chicken. The mildness of pilsners goes well with many pizzas, and the slight bitterness of pale ales contrasts well with lighter pizzas. Sour beers pair well with lighter pizzas as well. Darker beers such as stouts and porters go well with heartier, meatier pizzas. IPAs also go well with heartier pizzas, their hoppiness complementing the flavors of the meat and cheese.

How to Observe International Beer and Pizza Day

Celebrate the day by drinking beer and eating pizza! There are many types of beers and pizzas you could pair together, and many places you could enjoy them at. Have a beer at home with a frozen or homemade pizza. Order a pizza to be delivered to you while you are drinking at a brewery or bar. Have a beer at a restaurant that serves one of the best pizzas in the country. Some pizzerias even specialize in pizza and beer pairing. Once you are all full of beer and pizza, make a stop at the United States Pizza Museum, or at a beer museum.

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