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International Furmint Day

International Furmint Day is celebrated annually on February 1st. This day is dedicated to raising international awareness of the Hungarian wine grape variety, Furmint, which is used in producing the world-famous Tokaji wines.

Furmint is believed to be native to Hungary, where it is vinified dry, but also the main grape in the more recognizable dessert wine, Tokaji. It is a late-ripening grape, generally harvested for dry wines in September, but often left to hang through October or later for late harvest pickings after Botrytis (a.k.a. noble rot) has settled in on the grapes.

On International Furmint Day, people are encouraged to savor the essence of the Tokaj wine region in Hungary. It's a great opportunity to try Furmint wines, learn about their production, and appreciate the rich heritage of Hungarian winemaking.

So, on February 1st, raise a glass and celebrate this unique and flavorful grape variety!

How to Observe International Furmint Day

  • Taste Furmint Wines: Visit a local wine store or an online wine retailer and purchase a bottle of Furmint wine to taste.
  • Wine Tasting Party: Host a wine tasting party with friends or family where everyone brings a bottle of Furmint wine. This can be a fun way to taste different varieties and vintages.
  • Visit a Winery: If you live near a winery that produces Furmint wines, consider taking a tour to learn more about the process and taste some directly from the source.
  • Cook a Hungarian Meal: Furmint wines pair well with many Hungarian dishes. Try cooking a traditional Hungarian meal and pairing it with a Furmint wine.
  • Wine Pairing Dinner: Visit a local restaurant that offers wine pairing dinners and ask if they can include a Furmint wine in their selection.
  • Share on Social Media: Share your Furmint wine experience on social media using the hashtag #InternationalFurmintDay. It’s a fun way to see how others are celebrating and get inspired by their wine choices.

Remember, the goal is to enjoy the unique flavors of Furmint wines and appreciate the rich heritage of Hungarian winemaking. Cheers!

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