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National Football Hangover Day

Although National Football Hangover Day has officially been held since 2019, it has been observed in practice since 1967, the year the first Super Bowl was held. The Super Bowl is the most-watched football game of the year, but it is much more than a game, it is an event. From festivities in the city where the game is being played, to the halftime show, to the parties being held across the country, there is much pageantry surrounding it. Overindulgence in food and drink are common at parties, which are attended not only by fans of the two teams playing, or by football fans in general, but by those who don't even usually watch football. Many pay for their excesses on National Football Hangover Day, on the day after the big game. Some of them choose to not go to work, as do many who may not even be feeling hungover. By the creation of the holiday, in January 2019, about 14 million in the country were failing to show up to work on the day.

Today, some partiers have hangovers from imbibing too much alcohol, while others have aching stomachs from eating too much food or because of the type of food they ate. Some may even still be in a food coma. Those whose favorite teams played yesterday may be experiencing an even more pronounced National Football Hangover Day, whether they stayed up extra late celebrating a victory, or are still reeling from the pain of loss. Sports personality and ESPN host Katie Nolan created National Football Hangover Day to give back to sports fans. She wanted to give them a full day of recovery after the big game and wanted to recognize and honor football fans who had put in a great deal of energy to support their favorite NFL team during the highs and lows of the season.

According to a survey preceding the second National Football Hangover Day, it was estimated that 17.5 million people would skip work on the day. Although it appeared most would plan to be pre-approved for their day off, it was estimated that 4.7 million would call in sick on the day and that 1.5 million would be no-shows. According to data following that Super Bowl, held between the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers, which the Chiefs won, more people from Kansas and Missouri than anywhere else in the country complained of hangovers on Twitter. National Football Hangover Day gives everyone the excuse to party just as hard as these Chiefs fans and to join with millions of other Americans in not showing up to work today.

How to Observe National Football Hangover Day

Celebrate the day by staying home from work! Hopefully you planned for this in advance, so you don't get in trouble with your place of employment. At the very least, make sure to call in today if you aren't going—don't ghost your employer. If you have a hangover, you could approach it in one of two ways. One way is to drink lots of water and eat foods that ease hangovers. The other way is to have a little "hair of the dog," by having a drink such as a Bloody Mary. Use the hashtag #FootballHangoverDay to share about your hangover and any "hair of the dog" drinks you might be having. You could also check to see if the Workforce Institute has any new statistics on how many people are celebrating the day with you.

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