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Histotechnology Professionals Day

Histotechnology Professionals Day, founded by the National Society for Histotechnology and observed since 2010, raises awareness about the field of histotechnology, to get young people interested in the field as a career choice and to honor histotechnologists. Various events take place: career days are held at colleges and high schools, local governments make proclamations for the day, histotechnologists display exhibits and give tours, and an "Art of the Stain Contest" that celebrates "the combination of art and science that is histotechnology" is held.

Histotechnology is "a science centering on the microscopic detection of tissue abnormalities for disease diagnosis and treatment of diseases." Using chemicals, dyes, and reagents, histotechnologists prepare "surgical specimens" to be screened by surgical pathologists, by staining tissue so distinct parts can be viewed and a diagnosis can be made. Histotechnology is related to histology, which is the studying of human and animal tissue.

How to Observe Histotechnology Professionals Day

Some ways the day can be observed include:

  • Organize or participate in histotechnology career days at community colleges and high schools.
  • Send a press release to local media about the day. Make sure to include any information about events being held.
  • Petition your local government to recognize the day with a proclamation. Resources related to proclamations, press releases, and more, as well as a Histotechnology Professionals Day toolkit can be found on the National Society for Histotechnology website.
  • Take part in the Art of the Stain Contest.
  • Learn more about histotechnologists and their work.
  • If you are an histotechnologist, gather with others in the field, set up exhibits, and host tours at your place of employment.
  • Check for events taking place. Share about any celebrations you attend. Post on the Histology Professionals Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram, and to "The Block," which is the National Society for Histotechnology member community. Use hashtags like #HPD, #HistotechnologyProfessionalsDay, #histotechnology, #histology, #NSH, #histotech, #science, and #ihearthisto. Make sure to tag @ns4histotech on Twitter and Instagram.
  • Join or volunteer with the National Society for Histotechnology.

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