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National Blueberry Cheesecake Day

Cheesecakes are popular desserts at bakeries and restaurants around the world. They usually consist of a mix of cheese, sugar, and eggs over a thin crust, with a topping of sweet or salty items. In today's case, they are topped with blueberries, because it is National Blueberry Cheesecake Day! The type of cheese that is used often depends on the location of where the cheesecake is made. Common cheeses used around the world include cream cheese, cottage cheese, ricotta, and quark. Cheesecakes are either baked or chilled by refrigeration. Although, baked cheesecakes are usually chilled too, after they are baked, in order to help set their filling.

One of the most popular cheesecakes in America is "Jewish cheesecake," which is often called "New York cheesecake," because it became popular in New York City restaurants and bakeries. It consists of smooth cream cheese, a crispy crust of graham cracker or cookie crumbs, and a topping of a variety of things such as nuts, pieces of fruit, fruit sauces, sour cream, and chocolate or caramel syrup. A lighter version of the cheesecake is called "French cheesecake," which is often topped with fruit glazed with jelly. Another type of cheesecake popular in America is "Italian cheesecake," which is usually made with ricotta cheese and set in a pastry crust. Bits of candied fruit are often used in the recipe. Fittingly, these cheesecakes are also popular in Italy as well. In Europe, quark is another popular cheese used in cheesecakes. On National Blueberry Cheesecake Day, any of these types of cheesecakes are eaten, as long as they include blueberries!

How to Observe National Blueberry Cheesecake Day

Celebrate the day by going to a bakery or restaurant and having blueberry cheesecake. Perhaps you could stop at one of the restaurants with some of the best cheesecake in your state. Making your own cheesecake is another great way to spend the day!

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