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International Grenache Day

The idea for International Grenache Day came out of the International Grenache Symposium in 2010, where more than 250 wine producers from 23 countries attended in an effort to raise awareness about Grenache. The Grenache Association, also known as the International Grenache Association, was also born out of the Symposium. Nicole Rodet, who founded the Symposium, said that International Grenache Day takes place "to not only encourage people to discover Grenache, but also to protect ancient Grenache vineyards from being grubbed up to make way for more commercial varieties." The Grenache Association has encouraged "worldwide partners in wine, including restaurants, wineries, wine shops and wine lovers, to post, share, toast, tweet, talk, and most importantly DRINK Grenache with friends, creating an international groundswell of awareness for the world's most widely planted red grape."

The popular red grape also goes by names such as Grenache Noir or Garnacha, among others. It is a sun-loving, eco-friendly grape, with deep roots that lessen its need for watering and make it more resistant to drought. It grows particularly well in a Mediterranean climate and is prevalent in Southern France and parts of Spain. It is also found in parts of Australia, and in parts of the United States like Santa Barbara, Paso Robles, and Santa Cruz in California, and in Washington State. It is made into its own wine or is blended with other wines to improve its flavor or texture. It brings a soft mouthfeel, as its tannins are soft and velvety, and Grenache wine pairs well with many foods. Those who love Grenache grapes and wine are known as Grenachistas, and it goes without saying that International Grenache Day is one of their favorite holidays!

How to Observe International Grenache Day

Some ideas on how to participate in International Grenache Day include:

  • Use the day's Google My Map to connect with others participating in the day and to see events taking place. You can share your own plans, events, photos, and more by emailing Executive Director Marlene Angelloz or by keeping your eyes peeled for a form on the day's webpage.
  • Invite over your friends and have everyone bring a bottle of Grenache. Perhaps you could prepare some food to pair with the wine.
  • If you own or manage a restaurant, you could offer Grenache by the glass, showcase Grenache on your day's wine list, or offer Grenache and food pairings.
  • If you own or work at a wine bar or wine store, you could host an in-store Grenache tasting or offer promotions on Grenache wine. If you are a winemaker, you could host a tasting of Grenache or Grenache-based wines, or take visitors on a tour of your Grenache vines.
  • Join the Grenache Association.
  • Take part in or view the results of the Grenaches du Monde, a competition giving awards to the best Grenache wines in the world.
  • Follow the day on Twitter and Facebook. The Grenache Association encourages participants to post photos or videos on social media of themselves wearing purple or red clothing and drinking Grenache.
  • Ultimately, as The Grenache Association has encouraged, use the day to "post, share, toast, tweet, talk, and most importantly DRINK Grenache with friends, creating an international groundswell of awareness for the world's most widely planted red grape."

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