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Broadcast Traffic Professionals Day

According to the Traffic Directors Guild of America (TDGA), Broadcast Traffic Professionals Day, which often goes by other names such as Traffic Directors Day and National Traffic Directors Day, "honors those in all radio and television traffic departments, who schedule and work very diligently with programs, announcements and much more, on our nation's broadcast stations." The day honors the traffic directors who work in broadcast media and keep programming flowing. They work behind the scenes with aspects like continuity, billing, and production, particularly when it comes to scheduling commercials. The TDGA is a strong supporter of the day and there is some indication they created it.

The day is held each November 2, unless that date falls on a weekend, then it is held on the following Monday. The day takes place on the anniversary of and commemorates the first commercial radio broadcast, which took place on Pittsburgh's KDKA on November 2, 1920. This happened to be election night in America, and the results for the presidential contest between Republican Warren G. Harding and Democrat James M. Cox were part of the broadcast.

How to Observe Broadcast Traffic Professionals Day

Celebrate the day by paying thanks to anyone who works behind the scenes in media broadcasting as a traffic director. Or, more broadly, you could show your appreciation for anyone who works in media such as radio and television. If you don't know anyone who works in these fields, you could at least turn on your favorite radio station for the day. You could also use the day to learn more about what is needed to become a traffic director, to join the Traffic Directors Guild of America, or to read a book about the history of radio.

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