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Oatmeal Monday

Also known as

  • Meal Monday


  • the second Monday in February (since 1896)



  • Food & Drink



Oatmeal Monday, also known as Meal Monday, was a holiday that was traditionally celebrated at Scottish universities. From the seventeenth to the late nineteenth centuries, students at Scottish universities were required to bring their own food and fuel to campuses, such as oatmeal and firewood. Their homes, where they got these supplies, were often far away. Sometimes they were given long weekends so they could travel to get the supplies.

Early on, these long weekends happened quite frequently. For example, the University of Edinburgh had them each month, giving students the first Monday of the month off. But in 1896, Edinburgh made the long weekend a once a year event and made it officially celebrated on the second Monday of February. This holiday continued to be celebrated by various Scottish universities, including Glasgow and Aberdeen, for the rest of the nineteenth century and much of the twentieth century. As time went on, it was used less to fetch supplies. By the twenty-first century, it was no longer observed at all.

How to Observe Oatmeal Monday

The day is probably best spent by going to the store to pick up some oatmeal or other supplies. Ideally, you will want to pick up enough oatmeal for the year. To be even more true to the holiday, visit a university in Scotland with some oatmeal in tow. Similarly, if you know someone in college, you could use the day to bring them some oatmeal.

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