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National Sacher Torte Day

Sacher Torte, or Sachertorte, which is celebrated today, is a type of cake or torte that was invented by Austrian Franz Sacher. He invented it at the age of sixteen, in 1832, when he was an apprentice in the kitchen of Prince Wenzel von Metternich, and was asked to create a dessert for the prince and his guests. The guests at the event were pleased with it, but nothing came of the dessert right away. Eventually Sacher opened a delicatessen and wine shop.

Sacher's son Eduard also entered the culinary field, and trained at the Demel bakery in Vienna, where he worked with his father's recipe and made it into its current form. The cake was first served at the Demel, and then at the Hotel Sacher, which Eduard opened in 1876. In the early twentieth century a legal battle developed between the Hotel Sacher and Demel, as to who could label their cake "The Original Sacher Torte." In 1963 a settlement was finally reached where the Hotel Sacher got the rights to the label, but Demel could decorate their tortes with a seal that said "Eduard-Sacher-Torte."

The Original Sacher Torte has two layers of soft chocolate cake that are separated by apricot jam. It is coated with chocolate icing and is often accompanied with unsweetened whipped cream. The recipe is a closely guarded secret, although the cake itself is one of the most recognized in the world. It can be found at different Hotel Sacher locations and at the Hotel Sacher website. Over 360,000 Sacher Torte cakes are made in Vienna each year, and are shipped all over the world.

How to Observe National Sacher Torte Day

Celebrate the day by eating Sacher Torte. You could try to make your own, but the only way to have the the authentic recipe is to buy it. If you are unable to visit a Hotel Sacher overseas, you will have to order some Sacher Torte online.

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