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Evaluate Your Life Day

Evaluate Your Life Day was created by Thomas and Ruth Roy of Wellcat Holidays & Herbs "to encourage everyone to check and see if they're really headed where they want to be." Once we examine where we are succeeding and where we need to improve in different aspects of our life, while also evaluating where we want to be and if we are on the path to get there, we are much more likely to achieve our goals. This is a day to ask oneself tough questions, and to take little or big steps on new courses of action.

How to Observe Evaluate Your Life Day

Celebrate the day by evaluating your life. One way to do this is to try to reflect on, and answer tough questions about yourself. It may even help to write answers out to the questions. Here are some example questions that may help you evaluate your life:

  • Am I using my time wisely?
  • Am I waking up in the morning ready to take on the day's challenges?
  • Am I in the right mindset before I go to bed?
  • Am I letting things that I can't control stress me out too much?
  • What do I wish to be known for?
  • Am I spending enough time with loved ones?
  • Am I putting enough energy into my relationships?
  • Am I listening to others as I should?
  • Do I have an open and receptive mind?
  • Am I taking anything for granted?
  • Have I been taking care of myself physically?
  • How is my appearance?
  • Do I trust myself?
  • Have I been being true to myself?
  • Have I been avoiding anything?
  • Have I gone outside of my comfort zone?
  • Are things going well overall?
  • Is there anything bothering me?
  • Am I achieving the goals I set for myself?
  • Is there something I need, or want to change?

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