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Hot Air Balloon Day

Hot air balloons are the oldest form of technology to carry humans, with the first human flight taking place in November, 1783 in Paris, France. Prior to humans taking flight, three farm animals, which some sources say were a pig, duck, and rooster, took to the sky in June, 1783. This flight lasted 10 minutes and the balloon went up approximately 6,000 feet. This balloon was created by the Montgolfier brothers out of sackcloth and paper. Hot air balloons consist of an envelope, which is a large balloon-like bag containing heated low-density air which causes the hot air balloon to rise, and a gondola which holds the passengers, as well as the device which creates the hot air that rises into the envelope. The fabric of modern air balloons usually consists of ripstop nylon or polyester. Both leisure and travel have been affected by the hot air balloon, which is why a day exists for it.

How to Observe Hot Air Balloon Day

Ideally, riding in a hot air balloon is the best way to celebrate the day. There are many places where rides can be taken. Some companies or owners offer deals for this special day. If you don't want to pony up the cash for a flight, or are afraid of heights, you may want to spend the day watching the Jules Verne inspired film, Five Weeks in a Balloon.

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