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National Cheddar Fries Day

National Cheddar Fries Day was created by Snuffer's Restaurant & Bar. Known for their menu of "legendary burgers and famous original cheddar fries," Snuffer's has multiple locations in North Texas. They have been serving their cheddar fries since they opened their first location on Lower Greenville Avenue in Dallas in 1978. The recipe, which has never changed, was created by a group of students from Southern Methodist University (SMU).

According to Snuffer's, "each order of cheddar fries is topped with freshly grated aged Wisconsin cheddar cheese over our hand-cut Idaho Potato Fries." Bacon, chives, and jalapeños can be added, and Snuffer's also has a "special housemade ranch" they serve with the dish. During past National Cheddar Fries Day celebrations, Snuffer's has given out certificates for free cheddar fries that could be redeemed on a subsequent visit, and they have also organized a contest where a year's supply of cheddar fries could be won.

Cheddar fries are a version of cheese fries, which are french fries covered with cheese. Cheese fries are thought to have originated in the United States and became popular after the debut of Cheez Whiz in 1952. Two variations of cheese fries are common in the Southwest, carne asada fries being one. The other fries are similar to the kind served at Snuffer's. They are covered with cheddar and topped with chives, jalapeño slices, and bacon bits and served with ranch dressing.

How to Observe National Cheddar Fries Day

The best way to celebrate is to travel to Texas and have some cheddar fries at a Snuffer's Restaurant & Bar! If you aren't able to make it to Snuffer's, have some cheddar fries or cheese fries at another restaurant. You also could make some cheese fries that are similar to the kind made by Snuffer's.

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