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National Wiener Schnitzel Day

Wiener schnitzel is celebrated today with Wiener Schnitzel Day. The dish is common in homes and restaurants across Austria, where it is also considered to be a national dish. In fact, wiener schnitzel translates to Viennese schnitzel, and is named for Austria's capital, Vienna. The name first appeared in the 1830s, but dishes of a similar nature predate it. Although there is some indication that wiener schnitzel originated in Italy, this is doubtful.

Wiener schnitzel is made by hammering a thin cut of veal with a meat tenderizer, giving it a little bit of salt, then rolling it in flour, whipped eggs, and bread crumbs. It is then pan-fried until golden in a substantial amount of lard or butter. While true wiener schnitzel is made with veal, when it's made with pork—which is more often than not the case in Vienna—it is known as Viennese style schnitzel. Wiener schnitzel can also be made with chicken or turkey. Cordon bleu is a schnitzel where chopped ham and melted cheese are added. Wiener schnitzel is regularly served with lemon wedges, which are squeezed over it. Other sides that often accompany it include potato, lettuce, or cucumber salad, parley or roasted potatoes, french fries, or rice.

How to Observe National Wiener Schnitzel Day

Celebrate by having some wiener schnitzel! Make your own or enjoy it at a restaurant. Make sure to check for wiener schnitzel deals or giveaways. For example, Wienerschnitzel, the American hot dog chain, has offered free schnitzel sandwiches with any purchase for the occasion.

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