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National Prosecco Day

Today we celebrate and drink Prosecco, which is the most popular sparkling wine in the United States and is also the most popular wine in Italy, the country where it originated. The day was started by Riondo Prosecco, a revered brand of Prosecco wine, in order to celebrate the summer months. Prosecco is known for its mousse, the small layer of bubbles that rest at its top. There are three different levels of bubbliness that Prosecco can be made at. Spumante is the bubbliest, and it is followed by frizzante and tranquillo. Besides being loved for its bubbles, Prosecco also is appreciated for being reasonably priced. Some people compare it to champagne, but it is made with a different type of grape and is made in a different way.

Prosecco is made with Glera grapes, which were traditionally known as Prosecco grapes, and may also be made with grape varieties such as Chardonnay, Pinot Gris, and Pinot Noir. It is principally made in the Veneto region of Italy, especially in the town of Valdobbiadene, where it got its start. It is almost always a drier wine, most times being made in the extremely dry brut style. But, it tends to have a touch of sweetness on account of its aromas and flavors, which include citrus fruits, honeydew melon, green apples, and white spring flowers.

Prosecco is usually served chilled and in a tulip glass. It is often served as an aperitif, a pre-dinner drink. It also goes well with entrées, particularly with medium-intensity foods like chicken, tofu, shrimp, and pork. It also pairs well with spicy curries, and with Southeast Asian cuisines, such as those from Thailand, Vietnam, Hong Kong, and Singapore. You will also often find it being used to make mimosas.

How to Observe National Prosecco Day

Celebrate the day by drinking Prosecco! Perhaps picking up a bottle of Riondo Prosecco is the most appropriate, since they created National Prosecco Day, but there are many other kinds you could also try. You could drink it as an aperitif, or have it with or after dinner. You could also use it to make a mimosa.

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