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Hagfish Day

Hagfish are an eel-like fish that have no bones, jaws, or scales, and most people would agree they are quite ugly. Not only is their appearance unsightly, but they ooze out slime at a quick rate—being able to fill up a two gallon bucket within minutes, and they also often eat dead animals—doing so by crawling through a carcasses mouth, anus, or gills, and eating it from the inside out. Hagfish Day was created in 2009 by WhaleTimes to encourage children to examine all creatures in the food web, not just sightly looking ones. The day exists to show us that all animals in an ecosystem contribute to its well being, such as hagfish and many other often looked over creatures. We need to be made aware of hagfish and other lesser known creatures, because they are just as vulnerable as cute and elegant ones. In short, today is a day to "celebrate the beauty of ugly".

How to Observe Hagfish Day

Celebrate the day by finding beauty in things that are perceived as being ugly. Not only could this relate to animals that are needed for a healthy ecosystem, but to anything, such as people, places, music, and paintings. If you are a teacher with students or have children, you could have them do some Hagfish Day activities, such as making a hagfish bouquet, or having them work with homemade slime, make hagfish cookies, write hagfish haikus, or do other activities from a children's booklet.

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