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National Shower with a Friend Day

It's National Shower With a Friend Day! Did that grab your attention? The day's creator, New Wave Enviro, sure hopes so. Based out of Denver, Colorado, the company sells water filters, reusable water bottles, and sustainable lunch containers. While today's holiday may be spent showering with friends, the real reason it was created was as a marketing gimmick to sell shower filters.

You see, New Wave Enviro believes that water should be filtered so that its chlorine is removed. They assert that chlorine is harmful and that more of it is absorbed through the skin and lungs while showering than is from drinking water. They've posited that its deleterious effects include irritating the lungs and stripping protein from skin and hair—making it dry and itchy. What do they view as the remedy for the problem? One of their shower filters, of course, removes chlorine and hydrogen sulfide, reduces heavy metals, and softens the water.

In a press release, New Wave Enviro said of the day:

Winter is the coldest and loneliest season of the year. With dwindling daylight and Valentine's Day at its heart, February can often leave people feeling somber. "National Shower with a Friend Day" has been proclaimed and recorded as a National Holiday. This Nationally celebrated day will be celebrated the 5th of February each year. It was created to inject a bit of humor into the season while also serving to educate people on the benefits of showering in fresh, filtered water.

Prior to the creation of National Shower With a Friend Day, New Wave Enviro had held a "Dry Skin" sale each February. With the addition of the holiday to the sale, the company's goal is for people to arrive at Valentine's Day with smooth and silky skin. Although a significant other or another friend may be showered with, New Wave Enviro has appeared to imply that the showerhead itself is the friend to be showered with, saying, "Make the winter months smoother and softer by installing your new Friend and never have a lonely shower again."

How to Observe National Shower with a Friend Day

There are a few ways the day can be spent:

  • Educate yourself about how chlorine is harmful and how it can be filtered.
  • Shower in filtered water. First, you may need to get yourself a New Wave Enviro shower filter.
  • Take a shower with a friend. Or better yet, shower with a friend in filtered water!
  • Post about your day on social media with the hashtag #ShowerWithAFriendDay.

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