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National Lazy Mom's Day

Moms work so hard on a daily basis. They prepare meals for their children, help them with homework, do their laundry, and drive them places. On account of doing these things and so much else, they rarely have time for themselves. That changes today, on National Lazy Mom's Day. Moms get the opportunity to do whatever they want! It's a day when their children or spouses need to step up their responsibility because moms get to have a break from all their hard work. Some moms rest, nap, and lounge around, while others take the opportunity to meet up with friends and get away from the house. No matter how they spend the day, rest assured they don't spend it doing any motherly duties. That can wait until tomorrow!

How to Observe National Lazy Mom's Day

If you are a mom, do anything you would like today! Spend the day going somewhere you enjoy, meet up with friends, or just spend the day relaxing on your own. Perhaps you'll need to get a babysitter for the day, or perhaps your spouse can take care of everything the kids need today. If you are a child or a spouse, you could make sure your mom can have a lazy day by doing the dishes, laundry, or anything else that she is accustomed to doing.


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