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Celebrate Your Lakes Day

In 1995, a resolution in the New Hampshire Senate urged New Hampshire "to establish a day each year to celebrate our lakes and ponds, to be known as 'Celebrate Your Lakes Day.'" The resolution went on to say, in part:

Resolved by the Senate: That the state of New Hampshire should set aside at least one day every year to acknowledge its lakes and ponds, to be known as "Celebrate Your Lakes Day," and that the first such annual statewide event should take place on Saturday, August 12, 1995, on the Lake Winnipesaukee waterfront in the town of Meredith with subsequent celebrations to be held on or about the second Saturday in August.

An event was held that year on the banks of Winnipesaukee in Meredith. There was music, storytelling, clowns, food, a photography contest, a fishing derby, a water quality workshop for children, shoreland protection workshops, a raffle, and demonstrations on safe boating and boating maintenance.

A number of observances have been held in New Hampshire during subsequent years. For the second annual Celebrate Your Lakes Day, the New Hampshire Lakes Association worked with the day to present the "New Hampshire Lakes Congress," which assisted individuals and lake organizations to better understand water quality and lake use issues. It was held at a restaurant in Meredith. An event was held at Sunapee Harbor in Sunapee, New Hampshire, for the fourth observance. There were pontoon boat tours, children's activities, kayaking, hydrobike rides, lessons on fishing skills, weaving, clowns, mural painting, a raffle and silent auction, educational displays and exhibits, music, antique and classic boats, and a boat parade. A celebration was held in Hesky Park in Meredith for the seventh observance in 2001. It had a parade, a clown, refreshments, and an antique boat show.

Although the holiday is local to New Hampshire, it can be celebrated by anyone who enjoys lakes and any of the many activities they can be used for, or by anyone who is concerned about protecting lakes.

How to Observe Celebrate Your Lakes Day

  • Clean up a lakefront or beach.
  • Go swimming in a lake.
  • Go fishing in a lake.
  • Go boating, kayaking, or canoeing in a lake.
  • Go surfing, windsurfing, tubing, or water skiing in a lake.
  • Attend a shoreland protection workshop, a water quality workshop, or another seminar devoted to lake use issues and lakes.
  • Attend a boat show or parade.

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