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The Last of Us Day

The Last of Us Day celebrates The Last of Us, an action-adventure video game first released on Playstation 3, and recognizes and celebrates the community of fans around it. The observance is held on September 26, the date in the game's narrative that the outbreak—the Cordyceps brain infection—reached its crisis point, when it spread quickly and people began being admitted to hospitals, when a national emergency was declared and the military and National Guard were mobilized, and when the recently-infected turned to attack and infect others, causing chaos, particularly in urban areas. The observance was named Outbreak Day until 2020 when the name was changed to The Last of Us Day in light of the COVID-19 outbreak.

Naughty Dog, the creator of the game and the day, releases new content and merchandise for each year's celebration. For some years, limited-edition posters, T-shirts, Playstation avatars and themes, and statues of Clickers are made available. For the first observance, celebrants were urged to take to Twitter to describe how they would survive a pandemic outbreak like the one in the game, and Naughty Dog retweeted their favorites during the day. Members of The Last of Us community continue to participate on social media during the observance, sharing their favorite moments of the game, their tattoos, their creations related to the game, and more. Some years there have been photo contests, and sales related to The Last of Us on the Playstation store are typically part of each year's celebration.

How to Observe The Last of Us Day

Spend the day immersed in The Last of Us!

  • Play The Last of Us. If you don't already have them, buy The Last of Us and The Last of Us Part II.
  • Check for more information about the day on the Naughty Dog Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages, or on the Playstation website. Keep an eye out for new content and merchandise related to the day.
  • Pick up some The Last of Us gear. Check for sales or items released for The Last of Us Day.
  • Join in on social media using the hashtag #TLOU Day. Share your favorite moments of the game, photos of your tattoos, photos of you participating in cosplay, or other creations related to The Last of Us.

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