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National Parents Day Off

Created by Epic, a digital reading platform, National Parents Day Off celebrates parents and acknowledges the hard work they do year-round. It was first celebrated in September 2021, following that exhausting pandemic period: "After (barely) surviving 18 months of being forced to play many different roles—parent, employee, spouse, chef, teacher, pet-trainer, housekeeper, and a reliably functioning human—Epic, has officially declared September 14 as National Parents Day Off," Epic stated.

For the inaugural celebration, Epic teamed up with television star and mother Mindy Kaling. In an Instagram post, Kaling told followers to "Share a video or photo that tells me you're a parent without telling me you're a parent with the hashtag #NationalParentsDayOff for a chance to win an epic prize." Epic and Kaling surprised parents who had the funniest and most inventive posts with personalized prize packages, gift baskets, and gift cards for wine—to "help them gain some sanity and give them some much needed-me time." Epic also gave their employees the day off, gave free dinner to their employees who were parents, and encouraged other companies to do the same.

For the second observance, Epic teamed up with author, TV personality, and mother Chrissy Teigen. Epic gave away personalized gift cards and spa days to parents or caregivers who posted the most creative content. As part of the campaign, Epic once again gave their employees the day off and encouraged other companies to do the same.

How to Observe National Parents Day Off

If you are a parent, today is for you! While the best way to take part is to take the day off from parenting, that might not be possible. At the very least, do something special for yourself today. Enjoy your favorite meal or drink, take a trip to the gym, watch your favorite TV show or film after the kids go to bed, or start a new book from your favorite author. Make sure to check for press releases and Instagram posts from the folks at Epic for details about this year's prize giveaway.

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