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National Scribble Day

National Scribble Day is an "annual celebration of creativity" during which students create "Scribble" art to share with the world. After students at North Side School in Williston Park, New York, created a scribble display, Diane Alber, a writer and illustrator of children's books that focus on art and creation, was inspired to create the day. She made a Facebook post with her idea, and when over 200 teachers expressed interest, she went ahead with it. She based the day on her book I'm Not Just a Scribble…, a book that encourages all children to create art, regardless of their artistic ability. The day is celebrated in schools, where students create art of Scribble, the character from the book, and bring their art together on displays.

How to Observe National Scribble Day

If you are a teacher, celebrate National Scribble Day in your classroom. You could start by signing up your school, which gets you a free Scribble Sticker Pack. Then, you could read I'm Not Just a Scribble… to your class so they know the character Scribble. Next, have your students create their own Scribble art. Scribble is created by scribbling any color crayon or marker, adding Scribble Stickers, and drawing arms and legs.

Different grades are encouraged to work together, and after the Scribbles have been created, the art can be made into a display, such as a collage or a bulletin board. Photos of the Scribble art can be posted on social media with the hashtag #NationalScribbleDay, to encourage other schools to participate. If school isn't being held on March 27, the day can be celebrated on a nearby date. Those who aren't teachers or students can still participate, by creating Scribble art on their own. For more information, check out the I'm Not Just a Scribble Facebook page or Diane Alber's website.

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