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Dog Farting Awareness Day

Let's talk about farts. Like humans, all dogs fart. It doesn't matter their age, size, or breed. Sometimes people blame their own farts on dogs, but sometimes dogs really are to blame. Those who are thinking about adopting a dog must be aware of this.

What is behind dog farts? The main culprit is the swallowing of air, which often happens when dogs eat too quickly. This frequently happens when dogs eat together, as they often are competing for food. A respiratory disease that increases the breathing rate may also cause the swallowing of air, as will feeding a dog directly after exercise, before their breathing rate has slowed down. Other culprits causing dog farts include having a sedentary lifestyle and eating difficult to digest food such as soybeans, beans, spoiled food, high-fat food, high-fiber food, milk products, and spices. More serious problems such as gastrointestinal diseases may also be to blame. Other symptoms such as diarrhea, vomiting, and loss of appetite and weight often accompany the farting of dogs with diseases. Inflammatory bowel disease, the inflammation of intestines because of a virus, irritable bowel syndrome, and neoplasia—the excessive growth of tissue in the bowel—also may be the cause. Parasites and a non-functioning pancreas are two more possibilities of why a dog is farting.

The more hydrogen sulfide in a fart, the smellier it is. Thankfully, the smelliness can be combated. A study found that charcoal and zinc acetate, as well as yucca schidigera, may reduce the smell of dog farts, although these things will not decrease the number of farts. Dog farts can also be fought with bismuth subsalicylate, simethicone, and pancreatic enzyme supplements. A veterinarian should be consulted before giving these supplements to a dog.

There are other ways to combat dog farts besides just giving dogs something. Dogs may be encouraged to have a more active lifestyle, smaller meals may be given more frequently, highly digestible food can be given, and dogs can be fed in a non-competitive manner. It can also be made sure that dogs aren't roaming around in areas where they will be able to eat garbage and feces.

How to Observe Dog Farting Awareness Day

If you have a dog, celebrate the day by contemplating if your dog is farting too much or not. If you think they are, take some steps to try to lessen their farting. Make sure they aren't breathing too heavily while they are eating, and check with a veterinarian about giving them a supplement. Visit the Dog Farting Awareness Day Facebook page to learn more about the day. If you don't have a dog, you can still raise awareness by telling others what you have learned about dog farting and how to lessen it. You also could read Walter and the Farting Dog.

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