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National Coaches Day

Coaches are recognized and honored today for their many contributions. The first National Coaches Day took place in 1972, on the heels of the passage of Title IX, the founding of the Association for Intercollegiate Athletics for Women, and the 1972 Olympics. On September 19th of that year, President Richard Nixon issued Proclamation 4157, proclaiming the day to take place on October 6th. This followed Senate Joint Resolution 213, adopted on August 29th, which authorized and requested the president to do so. In his proclamation, Nixon said that "a coach can help build that moral fiber on which our future as a Nation depends." He went on to say that "it is appropriate that our Nation join in according them the recognition and honor which they so richly deserve, for they represent the finest elements in the American character."

Coaches give instruction and advice in highly specialized fields and provide guidance and encouragement. They are friends and counselors who find satisfaction not only in their own achievements but from helping others realize theirs. They coach athletes who are in all stages of their life, as they progress to higher levels of competition. Youth athletes, high school and college athletes, and professional athletes all benefit from the dedication and expertise of quality coaches. In schools, there may be coaches for forensics teams and chess clubs. There are many other types of coaches, such as health, spirituality, finance, and life coaches with other specialties. When bosses and managers act as coaches and consider their employees to be team members, productivity improves and business increases.

An effective coach can help set those with a comparable amount of talent apart from each other. Whether they are successful or not rests in part on if they are able to build trust with those they coach. Not only do successful coaches help those they coach to excel in their field, but they also instill in them values that last a lifetime. Those being coached learn lessons, teamwork, and discipline. They learn how to win with grace and how to accept and grow from defeat. As President Nixon stated in his proclamation, those who are coached "will become better citizens because of the lessons they have learned from their coaches and because of the example which their coaches have set for them." For all this, coaches are recognized and honored today with National Coaches Day!

How to Observe National Coaches Day

Some ways you could celebrate the day include:

  • Thank and honor a coach, either past or present, who made a positive impact on you or a loved one.
  • If you are a coach, check in with those you work with, such as the members of your sports team or those you mentor at the office.
  • Become a coach or mentor for a person or a team.
  • Find a coach for yourself. Find one who can help you with a skill you'd like to improve on or hire a general life coach.

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