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Sprinkle Day

Found on cakes, cookies, cupcakes, doughnuts, ice cream, and more, sprinkles, a kind of multi-colored confectionery decorations, and small pieces of candy in their own right are celebrated today with Sprinkle Day. It's a day for learning about sprinkles and for sprinkling them on foods. Sprinkle Day was founded by Rosie Alyea, a baker, blogger, cookbook author, and dessert photographer. Some businesses have participated in the day, such as Duck Donuts, which has given out free donuts to celebrate it.

Nonpareils, similar to sprinkles but more round than oblong, existed by the eighteenth century and sprinkles naturally came from them. In America, particularly around Boston and Philadelphia, sprinkles are commonly called jimmies. In England they are hundreds-and-thousands, in Holland they are hagelslag, in Indonesia they are meses, and in Belgium, they are muizenstrontjes. Yes, that last name translates to "mouse droppings." In Holland, hagelslag is not only the name for sprinkles but for buttered white bread covered with chocolate sprinkles. This is similar to fairy bread, a favorite in Australia and New Zealand, that is buttered white bread covered with rainbow-colored sprinkles.

How to Observe Sprinkle Day

Celebrate by putting sprinkles on everything you can! Start your day with oatmeal or pancakes covered with sprinkles. Have some fairy bread or sprinkle-covered muffins for lunch and dinner. Cover ice cream, cookies, and cupcakes with sprinkles for dessert. Make sure to check for businesses that have specials related to sprinkles today!

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