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Sinkie Day

Norm Hankoff, a California advertising consultant, was standing over his kitchen sink, eating tuna fish on a potato chip, when he thought to himself, "I can't be the only person doing this." With this thought, the International Association of People Who Dine over the Kitchen Sink was born, and Hankoff followed by creating Sinkie Day, which is sometimes also called Dine Over Your Kitchen Sink Day. A "sinkie" is a person who occasionally dines or snacks over the kitchen sink or another similar location. A sinkie eats quickly and doesn't have time for sitting at a table.

Besides dining over sinks, sinkies might stand in front of open refrigerators, rummaging around the leftovers and taking inventory of their contents. They might drink milk straight from the carton, eat while on the run, do some dashboard dining in the car, and have a "desk lunch of M&Ms and Diet Pepsi from the vending machines in the break room." On one hand, the start of the holiday shopping season pulls people away from their homes today. At the same time, yesterday's Thanksgiving leftovers cry out to be eaten. How will this time be split? By quickly eating the leftovers while standing over the sink, of course, like a true sinkie!

How to Observe Sinkie Day

The best way to participate is to pull yesterday's leftovers out of the fridge and to quickly eat them while standing over the kitchen sink, right before heading out to do some holiday shopping. There is no time to sit, and there is no time for plates or utensils. If you don't feel like standing over the sink, you could eat while running out the door, or set the leftovers on your dashboard and eat them while driving to stores to shop. You could even eat with one hand while standing over your computer and ordering The Official Sinkies Don't Cook Book with the other.

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