National "Thank God It's Monday" Day


Mondays can be pretty difficult, and the first Monday of the year may especially be so, maybe even being the toughest Monday of the whole year. Unless it happens to fall on New Year's Day, there's a good chance you may be heading back to work today after time off over the holidays. Reality may set back in and you may realize that you have another full year of Mondays ahead of you.

Dorothy Zjawin of Roselle Park, New Jersey, created this holiday, in part to give recognition to the first day of the week in general. Sure, the first Monday of the year may be tough, and sometimes people have to start new jobs on Monday as well, but people also get promoted and start vacations on the day. There are many holidays that take place on Mondays throughout the year, so why not have one right at the beginning of the year? This holiday is also celebrated on the first Monday of June, perhaps giving people the opportunity to be thankful that there are only a few Mondays left before summer begins.

National "Thank God It's Monday" Day is observed next on Monday, June 3rd, 2019. It has always been observed the first Monday in January. It has always been observed the first Monday in June.

How to Observe

Don't let the first Monday of the year get you down. Get out there and start the year off right! Don't drag your feet. Jump up and be thankful for another year and another chance to make a difference! Give it your all at your job or wherever you are today. If you are celebrating the holiday in June, get outside and enjoy the weather. It's starting to get nice out and summer is almost here, so Mondays should be pretty enjoyable for the next few months!

Occurrence Patterns

ObservedFirst YearLast Year
the first Monday in January--
the first Monday in June--



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