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National Purebred Dog Day

National Purebred Dog Day, founded in 2013 by Susi Szeremy, a Puli fancier, "celebrates the heritage, diversity, and predictability of the purebred dog." It is a day to cherish and preserve "the purpose-bred dog and the predictability of its breed," and it "marks the opportunity to bring balance to the conversation about responsible dog ownership by including the voice of purebred dog owners." National Purebred Dog Day has been recognized in statehouses, including in Colorado, Maine, Connecticut, and Georgia, and on the federal level, Congressional resolutions have been introduced for the day. National Purebred Dog Day is endorsed by the American Kennel Club, which has lobbied for the day on the state and federal levels.

There are over 400 breeds of dogs, and many are at risk and declining in numbers. Purebred dogs work as service dogs, guide dogs, search and rescue dogs, livestock guardians, police dogs, conservation dogs, and in various other capacities. According to the National Purebred Dog Day website, "purebred dogs have been of enormous help to medical science, serving as models for many heritable human diseases, playing a role in humanity's understanding of the human and canine genomes, and serving as avalanche dogs, trackers and trailers, herders, controllers of vermin, water rescuers, carting and sled dogs, retrievers, protectors, hunters, and bird dogs, and always they are the heartbeat of a companion near and dear to humans." For all these reasons we celebrate the purebred dog today!

How to Observe National Purebred Dog Day

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