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Speak Up and Succeed Day

Created by the speaker and author Mary-Ellen Drummond, Speak Up and Succeed Day "celebrates the importance of being able to speak publicly." Speaking and getting one's ideas out will go a long way in helping them achieve their goals, whether that be to grow their business, find a new job, or increase their visibility at their current job. Groups and associations often need speakers, too. Some include chambers of commerce, church groups, professional associations, service organizations, and small business networks. Becoming involved in these organizations and speaking publicly for them, or speaking publicly in the workplace, can go a long way to refine one's speaking skills and help them achieve their goals.

How to Observe Speak Up and Succeed Day

Celebrate the skill of public speaking and use the day to better yourself at it! So many people are afraid of public speaking, but there is no real way to improve the skill without practice. You could improve and showcase your skills at work by leading internal and client presentations. If you are looking for a job, you could search for places to publicly speak, which can help raise your profile and visibility and expand your professional network, which may help you find a job. If you are a business owner, find places in your community where you can publicly speak, in order to help build a customer base.

You could look into groups and associations in your community, such as chambers of commerce, professional associations, or church groups, and join them and see if you can contribute by making speeches. If you work in a classroom, you could encourage students to stand up and speak about something that they care about, and you could bring in professional speakers and local community leaders to talk about the importance of public speaking in their careers. You could also read over some public speaking tips, take a class about public speaking, or go somewhere to hear a public speech.

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