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International Sailor Moon Day

International Sailor Moon Day is a yearly celebration of Sailor Moon, a Japanese shōjo manga—one of the best-selling and most popular mangas ever. Events, run independently by fans to celebrate their love of the Sailor Moon franchise with fellow fans, are held around the globe today or on a nearby date. Online events, casual meetups, and conventions are common activities.

Lisa Terlato founded International Sailor Moon Day in 2015. During the first celebration, the main event in New York City had a live stream with fan discussions, a cosplay contest, and a Sailor Moon dance group called "Senshi Generation." In 2017, management of the holiday was transferred to Emily Gonsalves, the co-chair of Pretty Heroes (the Toronto Sailor Moon Celebration). Originally held on August 5, the holiday has been held on June 30 since 2018, on the birthday of Sailor Moon's lead character, Usagi Tsukino, or Sailor Moon.

Sailor Moon was written and illustrated by Naoko Takeuchi. Serialized in the shōjo manga magazine Nakayoshi from 1991 to 1997, it has been re-released in a number of volumes over the years. The series follows Usagi Tsukino as she turns into the female superhero Sailor Moon and searches for the "Legendary Silver Crystal," a magical artifact. She leads Sailor Soldiers—later known as Sailor Guardians—as they battle villains to stop the Silver Crystal from being stolen and the Solar System from being destroyed.

The manga has been adapted to other mediums. Toei Animation developed an anime series which broadcast in Japan from 1992 to 1997. They also developed feature films, short films, and a television special. The anime series was dubbed into English, and a second animated series, Sailor Moon Crystal, debuted in 2014. A live-action television adaptation, Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, ran in 2003 and 2004. There have also been Sailor Moon companion books, novels, and musicals.

How to Observe International Sailor Moon Day

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