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child_friendly National Sex Day

Sex is celebrated by gay and straight couples today. The day takes place on June 9 because 6/9 is written similarly to 69, which is the name of an oral sex position. Sexual intercourse is also known as copulation and coitus, and when between straight couples, generally refers to vaginal intercourse or sex. Slang words and phrases for it include shag, "sleep together," and fuck. "Coitus" is derived from the Latin word for "a coming or joining together." "Copulation" refers more specifically to the mating process. In a broader sense, sexual intercourse may be used to refer to other types of penetrative sex, including anal and oral sex, fingering, or the use of a dildo. Some refer to any sexual act, such as mutual masturbation, as intercourse.

People have sex to gain physical and emotional pleasure, to bond, and for reproduction. Couples often use birth control as a way to avoid reproduction, however, while still seeking pleasure and bonding. Sex may lower stress and blood pressure and has many other health benefits. Couples often use a variety of sexual positions and sex toys to enhance their enjoyment.

In vaginal intercourse, an erect penis penetrates the vagina. Sex involves four stages—excitement, plateau, orgasm, and resolution. During excitement, muscles tense up, the heart rate increases, and the body prepares for sex. The penis becomes erect, vaginal walls become moist, the vagina becomes wider, and the clitoris becomes enlarged. As couples reach the plateau, there is more rapid breathing, and muscles continue to tense up. The penis swells, testes enlarge, and the vagina contracts. Sex culminates with an orgasm, where sexual tension is released within seconds. The vagina contracts multiple times, while the penis contracts and ejaculates semen into the vaginal canal. The semen contains sperm, which may go on to fertilize a female egg. Partners often do not orgasm at the same time, however. Many females also often need direct stimulation of the clitoris in order to reach orgasm. Following orgasm comes resolution, which is a return to a resting state.

How to Observe National Sex Day

Celebrate the day by having sex! You don't need to limit it to the strict interpretation of sexual intercourse either, and anal and oral sex is appropriate as well. Try 69—which is why the holiday takes place on 6/9—or one more of many other oral sex positions. When having intercourse, try some new positions, have sex in a new place, or try out some new sex toys. Remember, sexually transmitted infections are possible, so safe sex should be practiced. If you don't have a partner to have sex with today, you could at least pick up some of the most important books about sex, and do some reading.


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