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Daffodil Day (Australia)

Daffodil Day, or Daffodil Day Appeal, is observed in Australia to raise funds to support cancer research, prevention, and support. Money is raised through donations and fundraising, and the campaign is organized by the Cancer Council, "the largest non-government funder of cancer research in Australia." Funds raised today support research at hospitals, universities, research institutions, and at the Cancer Council. Funds raised support cancer prevention, such as funding education programs for sun safety, quitting smoking, and for eating healthy, staying active, and losing weight. Funds also support prevention by helping provide information about cancer screening. Funds raised also support those with cancer. For example, anyone affected by cancer can call nurses at the Cancer Council information and support line. The nurses provide advice and refer callers to cancer services.

Australia's Daffodil Day isn't the only holiday of its kind—other "daffodil days" are observed in other countries on different dates of the year. But Australia's Daffodil Day fills a great need in that country, where around 150,000 citizens are diagnosed with cancer every year, and half of all citizens are affected by cancer at some point in their lives. When research is invested in, as it is with Daffodil Day, advancements are made in cancer prevention, screening, and treatment. The work of Daffodil Day ultimately saves lives!

How to Observe Daffodil Day (Australia)

It's easy to participate in Daffodil Day, whether you live in Australia or not! Making a donation is a convenient way to take part. Another way is to fundraise, which you can register for through the Cancer Council. There are an unlimited number of ways to raise funds on the day. Give up sugar, alcohol, or fast food for a month and ask people to sponsor you. Take part in a fitness challenge such as running in a half-marathon or riding a bike for a set number of miles. Host an event. Some suggestions from the Cancer Council of events to host are a baking competition, karaoke, a garage sale, a dinner party, a raffle or silent auction, or a talent show. Hold a "dress-yellow competition." Have people make a donation in order to participate, and give the best-dressed participant a prize. Raise funds for the day by purchasing daffodils, or sell daffodils and donate the money. Use your talents to raise awareness and funds. Write a song or a poem, or create a drawing or painting. Register your school and organize a bake-off, grow a "garden of hope," or hold a "dress yellow day," or register your workplace and fundraise at work!

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