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Plant Power Day

Created by Alpro, a European plant-based food company, Plant Power Day aims to "take plants off the side-lines and make them the headliner of any meal." Plant-based foods and drinks are placed first on menus today, becoming the main part of meals. For some people, a plant-based diet doesn't necessarily mean no meat, but means meat is not the central component of meals—it comes down to proportion, and plants take precedence. Some plant-based diets are the vegetarian diet and the Mediterranean diet. Plant-based foods consist of fruits, vegetables, legumes, pulses, nuts, seeds, and whole grains. To be considered healthy, they shouldn't be processed, and not much sugar or fat should be added.

Alpro has suggested holding a "planquet" on the day, a feast similar to a banquet where plants are put first. This can be a meal for one person or an event where family and friends gather together to eat. For the first Plant Power Day, Alpro teamed up with vegan chefs BOSH! to create a planquet they called a "vegan supper club." It is thought that those who participate in Plant Power Day will move towards a more plant-based diet in the future. That effect could have numerous positive effects, as a plant-based diet has benefits for the planet as well as for personal health.

Alpro claims that eating a plant-based diet on the day saves 1,500 liters of water and reduces a person's carbon footprint by two kilograms—the equivalent of two weeks of showers and having a lamp lit for two days. If this is multiplied over a lifetime, the impact would be enormous. When it comes to personal health, plant-based foods are high in a variety of vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals, and antioxidants. Plant foods are generally filled with fiber, which can lower cholesterol, stabilize blood sugar, and aid in digestion and maintaining gut health. Eating a plant-based diet reduces the risk for cancer and other diseases, like heart disease, diabetes, stroke, and some mental health illnesses. Plant-based eating strengthens the immune system, reduces inflammation, and helps one maintain a healthy weight. Plant Power Day is just one day, but with so many benefits to a plant-based diet, it is no wonder that many people celebrate it year-round.

How to Observe Plant Power Day

Celebrate the day by eating plant-based foods. Perhaps you could host a party—or planquet—where only plant-based foods are served. You could provide all the food, or could have guests bring a dish to pass. Many recipes to give you ideas can be found online. Alpro, the creator of the day, even has some recipes on their website. Post with the hashtags #PlantPower or #PlantPowerDay to share about your planquets and how you are putting plants first.

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