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Indivisible Day

In 2002, Jesse Ventura, then governor of Minnesota, declared Independence Day to be Indivisible Day in Minnesota, "in recognition of the necessity for the separation of church and state." His proclamation said that a unique feature of the United States was the establishment of a secular Constitution at its founding, which separated government from religion, something that hadn't been done before.

The proclamation pointed out that the Constitution enabled people with all types of worldviews to exist in harmony, allowing them to be "undivided by sectarian strife." The proclamation went on to say that for the United States to remain "one nation, indivisible," (note the omission of the words "under God," as included in the Pledge of Allegiance) there must be respect for diversity, and mutual respect and equal protection for citizens, including minority groups. Atheists for Human Rights, also known as Atheists of Minnesota for Human Rights, provided the language for the proclamation. Critics of Ventura condemned the day as an "unnecessary provocation," but although it was a one-off celebration, it has since been embraced by unbelievers who observe it each year.

How to Observe Indivisible Day

Some ways to celebrate Indivisible Day include:

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