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National Hot Tub Day

Hot tubs, also called spas or whirlpools, are relaxed in and celebrated today on National Hot Tub Day. Along with water and heat, they often have powerful massaging jets, all of which can provide a number of hydrotherapeutic health benefits. Hot tubs can even be exercised in. They usually fit more than four people and are regularly used by more than one person at a time, either for parties or romantic moments.

Hot tubs were first used in the United States in the 1940s, taking inspiration from Japanese ofuro. Jacuzzi, a hot tub manufacturer, added hydrotherapy pumps. In the 1970s, hot tubs were made with fiberglass shells, followed by tubs with cast acrylic shells. Hot tubs can be found both indoors and outdoors, adjacent indoor public swimming pools, and in backyards. With their health benefits, tendency to bring people together, and many styles and locations, there is much to celebrate about hot tubs today!

How to Observe National Hot Tub Day

Celebrate the day by:

  • Relax in your hot tub or in a public hot tub.
  • Host a hot tub party.
  • Play some hot tub games.
  • Exercise in a hot tub.
  • Have a romantic evening in a hot tub. Light candles and put on music and relax with your partner.
  • Purchase a new hot tub. Check for special offers in honor of National Hot Tub Day.
  • Pick up some accessories for your hot tub, such as a spa caddy, towel bar, or gazebo.


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